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I’ve been working on this little number for wearing while crafting and also for when I help Karrie at the Bazaare Bizarre on Dec 15th.

The apron features the infamous rainbow canvas which I love so dearly as well as twill tape ties and vintage polka dotted double fold bias tape. I have made multiple variations on this theme but I’m really in love with this one – the “miniskirt” version. In fact, I like it so much I have a hard time taking it off when I leave the house…..

rainbow canvas part three?

I made another bag from rainbow canvas last week. This comes in a long (well, a few years) tradition of bags made from my gigantic stash of rainbow canvas. The first was a bookbag for me, the second, a camp tote for Hugo and now this pleated number as the third. I was quite attached to it but I gave it to the Cal Sailing Team for thier spring auction. It wasnt quite as lucrative as the 6-pack of beer cozies from last year but still picked up a few bucks. Now I just need to make another one for me…