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More tweed

Ive been having fun making tweed squares with my weave-it loom. I figured out that the zig-zag pattern I originally made didnt look quite right and after some careful inspection of my herringbone tweed jacket I realized that herringbone tweed has an offset at the center of the “V”. Go figure!

Quick Baby Bibs

I was in need of a quick baby gift I could make from things I had around the house. Since they came out so cute I thought I would share a little about how I made them.

I happen to have a stash of blank baby bibs (from Ikea) in my sewing box that had been waiting for just this occasion. My favorite baby gifts so far are the flannel blankets I made for Tillie but I didnt have time to shop for fabric and run it through the washer for this project. Perfect time to bust out the bibs.

First I gathered the necessary materials:

Blank Baby bibs, cute fabric for applique, stiff card (from my recycling bin), ruler, pencil and cutting devices for card and fabric.

I did a few different designs but these photos will show how I made the star.

I drew a star and added a seam allowance using my ruler for guidance:

Then I cut out the stencil using an exacto knife and a ruler.

I transfered the shape to the applique fabric using a pencil and then the shape of the fabric:

To tuck the seam allowance under I had to cut slits to the inner corners:

At this point you could use the iron to press the seam allowance under but I was too lazy, so i just pinned it to the bib. I did press the seam allowance for the circle because it was too difficult otherwise.

I sewed the star to the bib by hand using an invisible stitch (maybe called an applique stitch? im not sure). Since I was going to zig-zag around the edges I probably could have gotten away with basting but it didnt take very long to sew it properly and then I didnt have to remove any stitches.

I used the zig-zag attachment for my Singer 301 to make a reinforced (and decorative) edging around the applique.

I also made a circle and a patch of a VW pop-top camper bus.

Hopefully the little guy will like them!

Seeing Spots

Another pleated bag.

But seriously, I am seeing spots, or rather, a spot. So far neither the doctor or the optometrist has come up with a believable explanation… At least my eyeball isnt falling out or anything.

rainbow canvas part three?

I made another bag from rainbow canvas last week. This comes in a long (well, a few years) tradition of bags made from my gigantic stash of rainbow canvas. The first was a bookbag for me, the second, a camp tote for Hugo and now this pleated number as the third. I was quite attached to it but I gave it to the Cal Sailing Team for thier spring auction. It wasnt quite as lucrative as the 6-pack of beer cozies from last year but still picked up a few bucks. Now I just need to make another one for me…