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new family members

meet my new plants, they eat bugs!


I am now 8 teeth down from a normal adult–number 16 met its end today. Things went ok except for the part where I fainted. I need to stop doing that…. At least if you faint at the dentist they seem prepared to deal with the situation unlike that time I fainted at the optometrist. They looked a bit stunned.


I have made tweed! It took a few attempts, but I finally suceeded using the 4″ Weave-It Loom that Karrie gave me. I have plans for this..

A Passover Breakfast

Passover is almost over but here is something you can do with all that left-over matzah (if you can still stand to look at it).

Matzah (or Matzo) Brie is a passover version of french toast using matzah instead of leavened bread. I consider it to be more of matzah scramble. It is very fast to make and is a great maple syrup vehicle. So go buy a box of matzah on sale at the supermarket and get cooking!

You will need:
Matzah (one half matzah per egg)
Salt to taste
Maple Syrup

Step 1:

crack the eggs and break up the matzah. Matzah breaks easily into strips and those strips can be broken into bite sized pieces.

Step 2:

Soak the matzah in warm water for ~30 seconds. If you want it crunchy then soak less time, soak longer for softer matzah. Beat the eggs as if you were going to scramble them.

Step 3:

While the matzah soaks, turn a frying pan onto egg c00king temperature. I like medium-low.

Step 4:

When the soaking time is up grab a handful of matzah and squeeze out the water and add the handful to the egg mixture. Repeat till the matzah is all de-watered.

Step 5:

Mix egg and matzah together. Add salt as desired.

Step 6:

Once the pan is hot enough add some oil or butter and the egg-matzah mixture. Cook like scrambled eggs.

Step 7:

Enjoy with maple syrup!

You cant beat an expression like this

it was a fun trip….

Save the Planet with Sheep!

An April fools day chuckle (a few days late).

I occasionally have my issues with Real Climate but this is, although incredibly nerdy, very cute (and woolly).