its almost like yarn!

I took a beginning spinning class with Carmen on Saturday at West Valley Aplacas and it was really fun. I even made a fiber product that is sort-of almost-like yarn! The class was so much fun that I have spent the rest of the weekend thinking about buying a spinning wheel. It really is a dangerous situation.

A couple that was also in the class brought some fiber from their angora goat Lucile and I tried spinning a bit of that. It went pretty well but then I tried to Navajo ply it and that was a bit of a disaster…. The fiber is really shiny though!

A while back I spun a silk hankie using a drop spindle my dad made for me. I found it slow and difficult but I guess in learned something in the process. I found spinning on the wheel SO much easier. It was actually enjoyable!

Oh, and spinning wheels… Man, they cost a lot. You could buy a ridiculous sewing machine for the cost of a spinning wheel. but yet….

I would want a smallish one and not *too* expensive. Folding would be nice but just for storage and not for carrying it around. Im pretty sure I want a double treadle but Im willing to be convinced otherwise. I used an Ashford Kiwi for most of the class and that went pretty well. At the end I tried the Joy (single treadle) which went ok with the Mohair until I tried to Navajo ply and then I had all kinds of trouble getting the wheel spinning the right way which resulted in lots of tangling. Most of the wheels out there are still sight unseen as Pat at West Valley Alpacas had only Ashford wheels and Karrie has a Lendrum but I am intrigued by the Majacraft Suzie. Maybe not $630 worth though… Hopefully I can either talk myself out of buying one at all or try a bunch out at Stitches West.

In other more productive news I have blocked and sewn pockets into my giant orange cardigan. Im about to order a zipper for it too. Yay!

3 Responses to “its almost like yarn!”

  1. 1 Karrie January 15, 2007 at 3:01 pm

    enabling information to follow:

    the place to compare online is the woolery. They have so many wheels! for folding ones there are two really new ones – one by louet (victoria) and one by kromski.

    I think the bobbins on the ashford joy are way way too small.

    you should come to carolina homespun with me and kate. she will let you try them all.

  2. 2 riverocker January 17, 2007 at 4:53 pm

    Cute sweater!-Elowyn

  3. 3 rosebrier January 20, 2007 at 10:18 pm

    I like the look of the Kromski Sonata and the Ashford Traveler (which I got to use a bit in the class and liked). Also liked looking at that Little Gem 2 by Majacraft. Seems pretty good.

    I have been using Karrie’s Lendrum and I like it as well.

    It seems no matter what option though it is a good $400-700 investment. So much money.

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