Jeans, resurrected

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DSCN2508.JPG, originally uploaded by abmatic.

I get very attached to my jeans but there comes a time when wearing them out of the house is a dangerous enterprise (for the jeans). Since I dont want my beloved pants to actually die I have been stratigically re-inforcing all the weak points I can find to prevent tears and gaping holes from forming. I have two pairs I have been working to save and so far its been pretty sucessfull. Above you can see the patches I’ve added to pair #1. They are right-side out below.

There are 4 main weak points that seem to deveolp in all my pairs.
1. Left side pocket area develops a hole in the corner from my cell phone
2. Back center belt loop is badly worn and sometimes tears all the way off. It must chafe on something, maybe my backpack. Have you ever tried to wear pants with a belt when the back belt loop is missing? It’s rather disastrous if you actually need the belt.
3. Right hand pocket area sometimes develops hole from my chapstick
4. Knee area cloth wears thin and tears

weak point 2 with repair:

weak point 4 with repair:

I have broken down and bouthgt a new pair but I love the old ones so much that I’m determined to keep them going…. at least for now.

1 Response to “Jeans, resurrected”

  1. 1 diamonds r a gurls bff March 9, 2008 at 1:43 am

    Thats awesome… i’m doing the same thing to a prir of my jeans but the patches are on the outside….

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