Those of you who may have had the pleasure (and by pleasure i mean by way of comedic value) of observing my wardrobe or visiting my apartment probably have noticed that I have an affinity for jackets and fuzzies. In fact, if you had seen me last weekend you might have witnessed a particularly unique occurrence of this region- I wore my down coat to an outdoor play in June! And not just a down coat, I had a hat and scarf on as well. While I can attribute some of this desire to dress warmly to the chill of san francisco fog, Nick was sitting next to me in flip flops with no complaints. The point of this post is not to wax on about my wardrobe choices but to discuss how I also attribute the desire to dress warmly to my inanimate objects. I have noticed that i like to make sweaters jackets and cozies for electronic devices. In their own way each of these garments has some practical purpose, to keep ipods and laptops from getting scratched or to keep my hand warm when im drinking a cold beer, but sometimes I wonder if its just me thinking that the monitor needs a jacket and patagonia doesnt make one…

Monitor sunshield / cozy
computer cover

beer cozy

ipod cozies

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