New Lady in the house

Here she is… My new sewing machine. Born 1951 in Anderson SC she now comes to me after the best craigslist experience Ive ever had.
She weighs in at ~16lbs while my previous sewing machine, a 1913 White rotary (the bottom photo), probably weighs 50.

The woman who gave me the machine said it needed a name–thats right, a really nice woman I met on craigslist GAVE me this machine in return for me working to “save the earth from the ill effects of humanity” (which is really what I do already, right?). Anyone have a good suggestion?

The bottom picture is my old(er) machine. It was my grandmothers which she had converted to an electric. It still runs like a champ, but after sewing on the Singer 301 there is really no comparison. In fact I think that due to lack of apartment space the white will be put out to pasture at my Mom’s house. It still amazes me that a machine made in 1913 is still perfectly functional. I think we might have to throw a 100th birthday party for it or something.

1 Response to “New Lady in the house”

  1. 1 rosebrier April 10, 2006 at 6:18 am

    Pretty machines. That old one is a real beaut.
    Just think if you are so happy getting a sewing machine that is 40 years newer than the older sewing machine and love it what would happen if you got one that was brand new?

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